Live performance from 12 Feb 2019, at The Library, Islington, London N1. Piano and vocal: Juliet Colman. Cello: Nanette Lee. Engineer: Rob Thom. Words and music by J Colman © Copyright 2018.

Baby there’ll be sunshine ahead
Though I know you don’t see it yet
But baby there’ll be sunshine I swear
And I know you’ll see if you just wait
Baby there’ll be sunshine you’ll see
This ain’t the way things will always be
Cos baby you just don’t know when
The sunshine will come back again
When I’m old – older than I am now –
I’ll say ain’t you glad you stuck around
Cos baby I told you so
Believe me I know
There’s gonna be more sunshine
There’s gotta be more sunshine
There has to be more sunshine

July 2018

Words and music by J Colman © Copyright 2018.