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Juliet & Nanette - Wishes Don't Come True EP
Juliet & Nanette – Wishes Don’t Come True EP

Wishes Don’t Come True EP

We’re super happy to announce the release of our second four-song EP!

  1. Wishes Don’t Come True
  2. Tomorrow
  3. I Used To Love Someone
  4. You’ve Been With Me Too Long

The songs are written by Juliet, and feature Juliet on piano and vocal, Nanette on cello, and our newest recruit Matthew James Day on bass.
The beautiful cover photography is by Francesca Zunino © Copyright 2021.

The EP was reviewed in Trust The Doc edition 62, where Neil March had this to say:

Juliet & Nanette have a new EP called Wishes Don’t Come True. Continuing to cultivate their position as the premier exponents of broken hearted Pop, the title track has piano chords that speak to a lineage going back to the early days of Elton John and Carole King while Juliet’s voice crackles and pleads with trademark yearning. Nanette’s Cello is, by contrast, warm and mellow. Tomorrow is slow and in a minor key. Juliet’s voice is soulful and melancholy while the Cello is deeper and the piano chords again recall Carole King. The electric piano adds a jazz-infused element.

I Used To Love Someone is a little more uptempo, again utilising piano that has that same Carole King vibe, perhaps a little of Andrew Gold too while the vocal is bluesier and Nanette adds gorgeous colours with the cello. The chorus is particularly striking. You’ve Been With Me Too Long has a triplet time arpeggio-based piano accompaniment and upper register Cello that adds a haunting quality. It has the aura of a Soul ballad but coupled with the late night hotel bar, whiskey-soaked heartbreak of something Bluesier. Tom Waits in a jam with Billie Holliday perhaps. There is a lovely interplay between piano and cello as the arpeggios rise through small modulations. It is almost Bacharach-like too as major sevens and nines ensue. Juliet & Nanette thus end the year as they started it with another unique, impressive EP.


Juliet & Nanette - "Somebody Stole You Away" EP
Juliet & Nanette – “Somebody Stole You Away” EP

Somebody Stole You Away EP

Our first release, a four-track EP of songs recorded in 2020.

  1. Somebody Stole You Away
  2. A Shoulder To Cry On
  3. If You Loved Me You’d Have Stayed With Me
  4. October

Cover photography: Francesca Zunino © Copyright 2020.


Somebody Stole You Away/Wishes Don’t Come True Double EP on Compact Disc

"Somebody Stole You Away/Wishes Don't Come True" CD
“Somebody Stole You Away/Wishes Don’t Come True” Double EP

Both EPs on one Compact Disc, available on our Bandcamp page! The inlay features more beautiful photography by Francesca, never seen online!

Inside the CD case
Inside the CD case
Nanette inspects the goods
Nanette inspects the goods